Tears for Sarah





A work made for an ex-lover.

I saw water dripping down a wet tree, and wondered what the path of the rivulet would look like if the tree were removed. I wondered the same thing about my face.

I wanted the tears I was producing to fall like tears would had I cried them. While I could have sculpted them out of wax or found flat gold strips that could bend to the contours of my face, there was no joy for me in those routes because they represent the phenomena more strongly than they are one themselves.

Instead, I made a plaster copy of my face over which I could run alginate, a liquid material that falls like a tear until it sets into a gel. From there I worked through a series of molds until I arrived at a wax copy of the alginate tear that was then cast into gold.

After I finished the work, I wanted to present them to Sarah. The conversation we had about the tears was recorded, and that recording has become a component of the larger piece.